A magical fairy who visits Tinkerbell parties

Fairy Abby amazes your guests with awe-inspiring magic about fairies, flowers and nature. An invisible fairy mysteriously moves an object, then helps Fairy Abby with a mind reading trick. Themes center on fairy folklore. Where a pretty, dainty fairy is supposed ot appear, Huggie Monkey is magically produced instead, in Fairy garb and full of funny antics as always. Your birthday girl may help with a magic trick if she likes, and she receives magically-produced fairy gifts. And Sparky the Dragon makes a guest appearance. By request Abby can borrow a trick from her pirate show for the boys as well.

Fairy Abby and Sparky

Abby the Fairy uses audience participation to keep the children engaged and plenty of silliness to keep them laughing. Like all of Abby's shows, this one uses stage-quality music, sound effects and props.

Fairy Abby

Abby's fairy parties run May through September

Most of Abby's shows are offered year round. This one runs only in the warmer months.

Princess Party Balloons

More than Just a Show

Abby's parties include music, puppetry, comedy and audience participation with:

1. YOUR THEME: Abby can tailor the show to a theme of your choice, including the costume, props, and content.

2. LIMELIGHT: Your child can be in the show by helping with several tricks, or your child can appear magically via a stage illusion.

3. PRESENTS: Two gifts for the birthday child spark big smiles and become lasting mementos of the special day.

4. PARTY FAVORS: You needn't worry about party favors. Abby brings one for each child.

5. BIG, COLORFUL, DELUXE BALLOON SCULPTURES: If you choose the balloon art option, Abby crafts a custom balloon sculpture for each child to take home.

Relax in the knowledge that you have hired the very best entertainment and that your guests will have a remarkably good time.

Avoid disappointment. Book Abby the Magician early.

The next few weeks are booked. Avoid disappointment. Book early. Call 215-880-5975.

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